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Energy Efficiency 

A portfolio of energy efficient buildings can be a game-changer for the commercial real estate industry, which is always looking for ways to achieve increased asset value. Though optimizing the capital stack, staffing buildings and filling vacancies can be go-to solutions for property owners and managers, a solid energy efficiency program is often an overlooked value-add opportunity.


MD Energy Advisors can help turn energy related capital projects into energy efficiency projects to help reduce operating expenses and improve net operating income. We also know what utility rebates exist, and we manage that process for you. Our holistic approach to solving energy problems allows us to look at your entire energy spend and offer personalized energy solutions that result in savings.


Energy Solutions



Like a car, commercial facilities also need to operate with optimal efficiency. Retrocommissioning is the process of monitoring, troubleshooting and adjusting systems in existing buildings to optimize energy performance. A building energy audit can help identify relatively low-cost operational and maintenance improvements, which, if implemented, can significantly reduce overall energy consumption with minimal financial investment. Learn more about BGE’s Building Tune-up program, which covers up to 75% of the retrocommissioning cost.



One of the most effective ways to decrease overall energy consumption is through heating and cooling efficiency. Retrofitting HVAC equipment to be energy efficient, properly installed along with a system that is regularly maintained and repaired can help increase energy savings. A retrocommissioning and building audit report can determine if your HVAC system is operating efficiently. Sign up for a Building Tune-up with MD Energy Advisors.



Lighting accounts for the next highest electricity consumption for commercial spaces after heating and cooling. Retrofitting exterior and/or interior lights is one of the easiest ways to generate energy savings, and we manage the entire installation and utility rebate process for you. Discover if you are a good candidate for retrofitting lights.

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“Having the lighting options explained by MD Energy Advisors made the decision-making process easy. They also managed the entire installation process once we gave them the green light, which allowed us to focus on our clients and their needs.”


Stephanie Andrews

General Manager, Property Management

Jones Lang Lasalle



Installing energy efficient HVAC and lighting are just the first step to reducing energy costs. MD Energy Advisors can help you control them so they work toward your advantage, such as with occupancy sensors for lights and demand ventilation controls for HVAC.


Window Film

Temperature imbalance is a sign of a solvable energy problem. Before replacing all the windows, consider window film for energy savings and improved tenant comfort and productivity. Let us help you realize window film energy savings like we did for Grander Capital Group. Learn more about window film protection.


If you have a roof that’s newer than five years and you’re contemplating replacing it to save energy, consider on-site power generation with solar energy. MD Energy Advisors can help design and install a smart roof that powers your building and locks in a long-term fixed rate.


Power Quality
Some equipment is too sensitive to react to utility dips in power. If you experience frequent and unexpected shutdowns, you may need an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) unit. Learn how we can help bridge the power supply to keep your business running.


Demand Response

When the grid is overloaded, utilities look to shift the load elsewhere. You can earn money by reducing energy if your business is flexible and prepared with an on-site generator. We are an energy broker that can help you get value for every megawatt hour you spend. Learn how shifting a load can create real energy savings.

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