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Energy Data Management

Expanding property portfolios is a priority for commercial real estate clients. However, the growth often brings additional monthly utility invoices and data points that are initially isolated from the company’s existing portfolio-wide energy strategy. Building owners can integrate and automate that process by managing energy data.


Energy data management not only improves performance and productivity but also benchmarks energy usage for easy comparison to similar buildings. We partner with software technology companies to offer data-driven solutions that help reduce operating expenses and improve tenant satisfaction.

“We were in a position where we knew the process wasn’t working and we weren’t able to fix it on our own. Being able to turn to MD Energy Advisors to help find a solution for our tenant energy billing problem has significantly changed the way we do business for the better.”


Steve Smith




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Data management provides real-time energy usage monitoring to help you find hidden savings in your operations. The insight it offers can help your company exceed performance goals and grow the value of your portfolio.



Eliminate disparate data silos across your portfolio with energy data management by centralizing, organizing and integrating facility data with easy-to-understand reports.



Understanding how much energy each property uses can help prioritize energy efficiency efforts of buildings throughout the portfolio.


Energy data management can help you monitor business and residential tenant energy usage. See how we helped American Campus Communities improve their systems to manage their residential energy invoices.

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