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We are more than an energy solutions company.

We are a customer service company that delivers energy solutions.

Since 2010, MD Energy Advisors (MDEA) has been infusing art into energy by creating a dynamic customer experience that makes energy choices simple for everyone. The art refers to our skill and creative approach to customer service that allows us to meet our clients where they are and connect with them so we understand what matters to them. This, coupled with our expertise in real estate, finance and energy, allows us to deliver personalized solutions that are essential to people and the world around them.

Our Story

We were working together in Economic Development when it hit us: What else could we be doing? We were doing good work, but there was an underlying feeling that entrepreneurs get—and it can be hard to ignore.


Early 2010, a newspaper article had just reported only 5% of the market had taken advantage of residential energy choice. Our thought was what if we could help people and businesses make informed decisions about energy? What if we could do it in an unbiased and transparent way? What if we could create jobs and opportunities for others? What if we could make a meaningful impact in our community? What if we could build a diverse company that represents the communities we serve?


We pulled together $10,000 (total) in 2010 and started MD Energy Advisors to provide demand and supply side energy solutions for businesses, utilities, and government.


While everyone else talks about the science of energy, we make energy more approachable because we believe a more informed community makes a better community. The MDEA Way requires that we:

  • Be Good Human Beings

  • Be a Team Player

  • Embrace the Opportunity

  • Take Responsibility

  • Show Up

  • Lead by Example

  • Deliver Excellence


That is the MDEA Way.

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Our Values






We strive to first understand what matters to you.

Guided by the highest ethical standards, you can count on us to do the right thing—always.

We work for you—not them—delivering unbiased energy options in a transparent way.

Though often considered the underdog, we urge you not to underestimate us.

Hands down, we believe your success is our success.

We want you to work with usWe want you to work for us.

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