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Though electric vehicles (EVs) have been around since the 19th century, modern EV popularity has skyrocketed as increasingly more people trade their petroleum-based transportation for environmentally friendly EVs.


With the decline of greenhouse gases and smog levels comes increased energy consumption at EV charging stations. As a result, businesses, including utilities, multifamily residential properties and consumers need to understand the advantages in promoting clean transportation and learn how to do so without breaking the bank.


Here, MD Energy Advisors breaks down the benefits for you because we make EV easy.



Drivers look for electric vehicle charging stations wherever they need to park, whether that’s at work or while out shopping. Businesses have the opportunity to further their sustainability goals while pleasing employees and customers.


Benefits of EV Charging Stations for Businesses

  • Attract and retain a progressive workforce with the inclusion of convenient and affordable EV charging stations at work.

  • Improve public profile among employees, consumers and communities by exhibiting support of clean transportation.

  • Demonstrate leadership in adopting advanced technologies.

  • Enhance working, shopping and customer service experiences.

  • Earn EV charging incentives for installation.


Multifamily Residential Properties

According to AMLI Residential’s 2018 Sustainable Living Index, 59% of residents surveyed said they’d pay more to live in a green or sustainable community. There exists opportunity for owners, developers and mangers of multifamily residential properties to increase net operating income.


Benefits of EV Charging Stations at Multifamily Residential Properties

  • Increase property value.

  • Provide tenants with a highly sought-after amenity.

  • Increase average rent and secure more affluent tenants.

  • Differentiate your property from competitors.

  • Stay ahead of state and local regulations.

  • Make a sustainability statement and work toward LEED certification.

  • Earn EV charging incentives for installation.



EVs increase energy consumption and demand on the grid if charged during peak hours. There is even more good news for utilities: reports more than 80% of EV charging is done at home. As drivers typically plug in their EV at home for overnight charging, utilities have the opportunity to generate revenue resulting from this increase in off-peak electricity usage.


Benefits of EV Charging Stations for Utilities

  • Reduce energy consumption during peak hours.

  • Increase grid efficiency.

  • Achieve air quality and sustainability goals.

  •  Generate revenue from the increase in off-peak electricity usage.


 MD Energy Advisors has developed the roadmap for EV charging station success. Get in the driver's seat.



It may have been an easy choice to go electric; after all, electric vehicles save time, money and the environment. With so many EVs on the road, finding a charging station as you travel through your day is getting easier. However, when you to need to plug in, the one place you can always count on is at home. In fact, reports more than 80% of EV charging is done at home.


Benefits of EV Charging Stations at Home

  • Convenient overnight charging while you sleep.

  • No competing for an available plug.

  • Though there’s an increase in energy consumption, there are ways to identify the most competitive energy rates in the marketplace. Check out our energy procurement services at PointClickSwitch.

  • Earn EV charging incentives for installation.


As your energy advisor, we are here to answer your questions and help facilitate the selection, installation and rebate processes. Let our EV advisors help your sustainability efforts.

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