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Keep Working with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


In general, the power grid’s quality can meet the needs of most companies. If a voltage dip or surge occurs, chances are many businesses would not be affected. But, for those that use sensitive equipment, any change in power supply can have a devastating impact. Lost power can lead to lost productivity—sometimes up to a few days offline. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can provide clean backup power in case the regular power source shifts to an unacceptable level or fails completely.


Are you a good candidate for an industrial interruptible power supply?

  • Do you have sensitive equipment impacted by dips in power?

  • Do you experience frequent and unexpected shutdowns?

  • Does your equipment require startup time?


This autonomous source of clean power can be the right energy solution for companies that use equipment with sensitive electric loads. Even with a generator, the dip in power supply may be enough to shut down a business. MD Energy Advisors can help boost productivity by installing a UPS that can bridge the power supply between the time of the dip and the time it takes for the generator to turn on.

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