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Electric Vehicle

Charging Stations


Going electric has never been easier. As a result of technological advances, electric vehicles (EVs) are more affordable than ever before and are increasingly peppering American roads from coast to coast. But, where can these 1.1 million (and counting!) drivers plug in to recharge their EVs? reports more than 80% of EV charging is done at home. While many environmentally-conscious homeowners can install an EV charging station in their garage, that leaves 61% of renter households equally passionate about sustainability without a place to plug in.

Electric vehicle charging stations for multifamily buildings are crucial to clean transportation. Not only do they provide residential tenants who own or rent with a highly sought-after amenity, but EV charging stations also provide property developers and managers an opportunity to increase net operating income. According to AMLI Residential’s 2018 Sustainable Living Index  59% of residents surveyed said they’d pay more to live in a green or sustainable community.

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Attract higher-income residents by installing EV charging stations. MD Energy Advisors makes the business case for EV charging.

As your trusted energy advisor, we can help you navigate the selection and installation of electric vehicle charging stations as well as manage the utility rebate process for you. We make EV easy. Discover the benefits of EV charging stations.

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