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Increasing Energy Efficiency With Window Film


Properly designed windows can be the unsung hero of a commercial property. Windows play an important role in contributing to the comfort, satisfaction and productivity of occupants while achieving energy efficiency and environmental goals for the building owner.


There are ways to take control over the heat gain and heat loss. Investing in a window replacement effort can become a large energy capital project, but applying window film as an alternative can still generate energy savings. For a fraction of the cost and effort of retrofitting windows, commercial grade window film reduces heat and offers glare reduction. Window film also blocks UV.

“We purchased 25 South Charles due to its location, abundance of parking and strong value-add opportunity. We knew the windows needed to be addressed. With MD Energy Advisors on our side, not only did we solve our energy problem, but we also improved the comfort and productivity of our tenants.”


Jeff Clary, Partner

Grander Capital Partners


Are you a good candidate for commercial window film?

  1. Does your building have a temperature imbalance?

  2. Are your tenants complaining?

  3. Is the HVAC having trouble keeping up with the season?

  4. Have you considered a window replacement?


MD Energy Advisors can help turn an expensive energy capital project like a window replacement into an energy efficiency project with rebates that pay you back. Our holistic approach to solving energy problems empowers us to identify alternatives that minimize energy consumption and maximize energy savings. Although ENERGY STAR® does not certify commercial windows, installing commercial grade ENERGY STAR® window film can be a realistic option to consider before making a large capital investment to replace all the windows.


Learn how Grander Capital Partners benefited from a window film installation.

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