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Energy Renewables 

It’s not surprising that renewable energy is one of the fastest-growing energy sectors in the U.S. It’s an environmentally-friendly approach to sustainable energy, offering the opportunity to save money while reducing emissions.

Energy renewables also provide a reliable energy source unmatched by brown power.



Did you know each MW of solar installed is equivalent to taking 4,000 cars off of the road? Solar energy is growing in popularity for businesses that see the benefits of this renewable energy source. Not only does it help achieve corporate sustainability goals and offer LEED points, it can power businesses for 20 years with a fixed rate that provides maximum protection for volatile energy markets. Depending on physical and financial viability, on-site or offsite solar may be the right energy solution for you––and MD Energy Advisors can help.

Environmental responsibility has been a consistent part of our heritage, and MD Energy Advisors helped us honor those values as fiscally responsible corporate citizens. Since our plants are at the heart of our business, having a sound—and smart—roof is paramount to our process.”

Pat Leahy, Plant Finance Manager


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On-Site Solar

On-site solar provides the strongest financial and environmental value propositions due to its “Behind the Meter” (BTM) benefits. This means you reduce your carbon footprint of the building by generating electricity locally from renewable sources—not off the typical electric/utility grid. BTM also allows you to reduce a typical electrical bill by up to 80% because you don’t pay transmission, demand and distribution charges. Installing on-site solar also provides a 30% investment tax credit for those who qualify. Learn how we saved a century-old producer of fruit spreads $4 million on electricity expenses. 

Are you a good candidate for on-site solar? Let us walk you through it.


Offsite Solar

Investing in offsite solar energy offers similar benefits to on-site solar without the infrastructure, sunlight exposure, building ownership or capital expenditure requirements. By agreeing to take a certain amount of power at a fixed rate from a photovoltaic (PV) solar farm, you can still access the amount of power you need for much longer than the traditional commodity contract and achieve savings of up to 30%. Learn how we helped a developer deliver a sustainable multifamily building featuring all-inclusive living with offsite solar energy.


Are you a good candidate for offsite solar energy? See for yourself.

If you’re a nonprofit or agriculture organization or a municipality, learn how you can take advantage of special solar energy options through Maryland’s aggregated net metering (ANM) program. Though you’ll still be responsible for transmission and distribution charges, the local utility handles all of the bill credits so you can sit back and enjoy the savings.

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28 Walker leased 2 MW, which will produce approximately 4 million kWh per year for the next two decades. 


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