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Increase Energy Efficiency With a Lighting Retrofit


Lighting is one of the main drivers of electricity use in commercial buildings, accounting for 30% to 60% of annual electric costs for many businesses. One of the easiest ways to reduce energy consumption is through a lighting retrofit, or the process of upgrading light fixtures or lamps to increase energy efficiency. Rebates exist for companies that reduce wattage. It can be as simple as switching the bulb; there is no requirement to change the fixture as long as the wattage is reduced.

“Having the lighting options explained by MD Energy Advisors made the decision-making process easy. They also managed the entire installation process once we gave them the green light, which allowed us to focus on our clients and their needs.”

Stephanie Andrews

General Manager, Property Management

Jones Lang Lasalle


Are you a good candidate for a lighting retrofit? Consider the following:


  1. How many light fixtures does your building or space have? Be sure to count interior and exterior. The more fixtures in existence, the more opportunity there is to increase energy efficiency. Rebates exist for retrofitting interior and exterior lights.

  2. What kind of existing lighting technology do you use? If your lights still use incandescent, CFL or high pressure sodium technologies, it’s time for an upgrade.

  3. When did you last complete a lighting retrofit? Even if you retrofitted building lights in the last five years, new technologies have emerged and are worth considering.

  4. Are you planning a renovation or new construction project? The latest New Construction Lighting program offers generous incentives for initial installation of more efficient lighting applicable to renovations or ground-up construction.


MD Energy Advisors can help you explore your options and scope the one that provides the right look and feel for your organization. With our assistance, companies achieve an effective lighting program that is aesthetically pleasing and optimizes rebate potential. Let us manage the entire installation and rebate process for you. We can also discuss how lighting controls such as occupancy sensors can maximize your energy efficiency.


For those planning a renovation or new construction, contact us as early as possible in the design of your project. MD Energy Advisors can help you traverse the multiple program requirements such as helping calculate the power density to ensure you arrive at the optimal lighting incentive for your new construction or retrofit project.

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