Home energy doesn’t have to be complicated. Nor does it have to be expensive. We offer energy efficiency and energy procurement services through our online platform, PointClickSwitch. We also advise on powering homes with solar energy and how to save if you have an electric vehicle charging station at home.

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Energy Efficiency
Our energy efficiency programs can help you reduce the amount of energy used in your home, lower your monthly payments, and improve the overall quality and comfort of your home. Here’s how it works: Our energy efficiency professionals visit your home to identify and explain inefficiencies that cause you to use more energy. Then, we leverage eligible utility rebate programs so you can better manage your home’s energy usage and lower your overall energy bill. Use less energy, lower monthly payments. It’s that simple. Discover how easy it is at PointClickSwitch, powered by MD Energy out our energy procurement services for your home at PointClickSwitch.

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Energy Procurement 
Everyone wants to pay less for their energy, but not everyone has their choice of energy supplier. We were the first company to offer Marylanders a way to compare and shop for energy through our PointClickSwitch online platform. Only PointClickSwitch helps you identify the most competitively-priced, unbiased energy rates. Since 2010, we’ve saved thousands of customers an average 10% or more on their utility expenses. We make home energy choices simple. See for yourself at

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

So, you purchased an electric vehicle (EV). You’re saving time, money and the environment. But, charging an electric vehicle (EV) at home can also affect your energy consumption. Residents in deregulated states can now choose their own energy supplier. We can help you identify the most competitive energy rates in the marketplace. Check out our energy procurement services for your home at PointClickSwitch.