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The Roadmap: Ensuring a

Successful EV Charging Program for Your Utility

Begin the Journey

States across America are seeing more electric vehicles (EVs) (1.4 million and counting as of 2019) and charging stations on their roads because they save time, money, and the environment. While the benefits to consumers and the environment are what drive EV sales, utilities are studying how the increase of EVs impacts their grids.

MD Energy Advisors has test-driven the roadmap for utilities that seek to maximize the potential EVs offer. Learn how we consistently deliver results that meet and exceed expectations.


Equitable Access
One of the most important factors to ensure success in the sector is equity. Income and homeownership cannot be barriers to clean transportation, lower maintenance costs, and reduced fuel costs that come with EV ownership.

Equitable Access
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Proven Process
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Proven Process
The EV industry is still relatively new, and there are significant education gaps for groups ranging from consumers to government entities. Customized education and outreach strategies designed to resonate with each group are key factors in program success. Keeping the process as simple and efficient as possible helps partners remain actively engaged in the program.

Client Success
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Client Success
Programs with excellent and consistent customer experience prosper. Our test-driven roadmap places client experience and relationship management as the top priority. This foundation proves successful in our EV program implementation.

MD Energy Advisors has created the roadmap for your EV success. Take the driver's seat. 

“MD Energy Advisors is the cohesive glue that brings all the utility program stakeholders together. Working with MDEA brings tremendous success to EV charging programs and guarantees substantial deployment of EVSE with minimal effort by the utility.”

-J. Wesley Cravens, Director, Project Development &
Technical Sales, eMobility Enel X North America

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