Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


States across America are seeing more electric vehicles (EVs) (1.1 million and counting) and charging stations on their roads because they save time, money and the environment. While the benefits to consumers and the environment are what drive EV sales, utilities are studying how the increase of EVs impacts their grids.

EVs increase energy consumption and demand on the grid if charged during peak hours. There is good news for utilities: Energy.gov reports more than 80% of EV charging is done at home. As drivers typically plug in their EV at home for overnight charging, utilities have the opportunity to generate revenue resulting from this increase in off-peak electricity usage.


Creating and implementing an electric vehicle charging station incentive program can help utilities reduce energy consumption during peak hours. However, it can be challenging for utilities to reach all of its customers in its service area.


We can help make EVs easy. MD Energy Advisors has success partnering with program administrators to promote rebate programs for utilities. Learn how we consistently demonstrate value by delivering results that meet or exceed expectations.

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