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Create your own destiny.

Since 2010, MD Energy Advisors has been infusing art into energy by creating a dynamic customer experience that makes energy choices simple for everyone. The art refers to our skill and creative approach to customer service that allows us to meet our clients where they are and connect with them so we understand what matters to them. This, coupled with our expertise in real estate, finance and energy, allows us to deliver personalized solutions that are essential to people and the world around them.

We thrive on the opportunity to make the intangible tangible. This world is what you make of it. If you’re ready to join a team of innovative forward-thinkers who infuse art into the ever-changing industry of energy then apply today.


At MD Energy Advisors, we are passionate about entrepreneurship,  job creation and economic development for our company and community.
You should be ambitious.


We are committed to delivering unparalleled customer service.
You should embrace the grind to go above and beyond.


We believe energy education can power the future.
You should genuinely want to help people and businesses
make informed decisions. 


We always do the right thing. You should have a strong desire to make a positive impact for the greater good.


We motivate each other. You should aspire to learn and grow.

Current Positions

We are always looking for great talent. We would love for you to join our team. Please look below for any vacant positions. In the meantime, if you would like to submit a resume, please click the "looking for a job" button below. 


Energy Efficiency Product Manager
Location: Maryland   
Status: Full-time Employee   

Energy Efficiency Product Merchandiser (Retail)
Location: Baltimore Metro - Maryland
Status: Full-time Employee   

Energy Efficiency Product Merchandiser (Retail)
Location: Montgomery County - Maryland   
Status: Full-time Employee   
Electric Vehicle Account Manager
Location: Baltimore - Maryland   
Status: Full-time Employee 


New York

Energy Efficiency Product Merchandiser (Retail)
Location: Binghamton, New York   
Status: Full-time Employee   

Energy Efficiency Product Merchandiser (Retail)
Location: Albany, New York   
Status: Full-time Employee   

Image by Hush Naidoo

Benefits That Exceed Expectations

At MD Energy Advisors, we strive to make sure our employees maintain a healthy balance between work and home life. For this reason, we offer a competitive benefits package that includes paid time off, medical insurance and a comprehensive 401K plan. We also offer a wellness reimbursement program. 

Clapping Audience

We Value Diversity

MD Energy Advisors believes that diversity is the key to challenging ourselves and encouraging our team to think outside the box. We fully support our diverse employee population and value the strength it brings to our team.  


Equal Opportunity Act

MD Energy Advisors is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or protected veteran status. If during the application process, you require assistance and/or a reasonable accommodation due to a disability, please email or call 410.779.9644. 

Ready to create your destiny?

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