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Energy Efficiency Product Manager

Kyle is an energy technician, crew leader, and project manager with over five years of experience working in the home energy assessments and improvements field. In his role at MD Energy Advisors, he supports the growth and expansion of Baltimore Gas & Electric’s energy efficiency products. 


Kyle's work focuses on developing and maintaining relationships with major local, regional, and national distributors, suppliers, contractors, and manufacturers to support their participation in the midstream heat pump water heater program. He works collaboratively with program staff 

to coordinate the outreach strategy and while in the field, he performs quality assurance and control activities at over 400 retail locations. He is also responsible for educating employees at retail locations on product benefits and best sales practices, and helps clients understand potential savings opportunities and interacts with trade allies and partners. 


Kyle began his career in software imaging and later transitioned to customer service. He joined the energy sector more than five years ago as a technician, performing energy checks for a leading home performance and insulation contractor. In a short span he was promoted to crew lead for home performance audits. He subsequently was a part of the team to upgrade the Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development with needed energy improvements. 


Kyle has trained with and earned certifications from several major energy sector organizations, including the Building Performance Institute, OSHA, Aeoseal, and MSHA - Sources of Electrical Hazard. 

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