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Retail Energy Efficiency Product Analyst

Jennifer is an experienced customer service supervisor and retail manager. In her role at MD Energy Advisors, she is responsible for supporting the growth and expansion of the Eastern Shore/Salisbury, Maryland area's energy efficiency products. 


Jennifer provides education and information about local utility provider product(s) in retail locations throughout the local service territory and ensures products are accurately priced. She travels throughout the territory educating retail employees on the product benefits and best practices for selling products to consumers and helping clients understand potential savings opportunities. As part of her outreach efforts, she promotes relevant energy-efficient product messaging and schedules and staff's special events at big box retail locations and more. 


Jennifer has over ten years of retail experience. She was the shift supervisor for local franchises of multiple global companies where she recruited and trained staff, set sales targets, prepared promotional displays and materials and managed customer queries, all while maximizing productivity and profitability. For several years before joining MDEA, Jennifer was the customer service manager for a fast-paced media company, where she supervised an inbound and outbound call center and performed all managerial responsibilities. 

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