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Energy Engineer

Jared expertly brings an entrepreneurial and engineering background to MD Energy Advisors, providing direct support to higher education, commercial, and government projects. 

He performs onsite assessments of client facilities to identify energy-saving opportunities: analyzing existing systems; examining building drawings; conducting ASHRAE Level I, II, and III audits; and performing other data collection methods to understand building systems and develop accurate savings estimates for energy improvement and conservation measures.

He has consulted with numerous private, government, and nonprofit clients as a LEED AP, quality control inspector, and energy auditor. He specialized in weatherization audits for Baltimore City and was a lead efficiency analyst for Civic Works before founding multiple, successful businesses in the industry and winning significant residential and commercial business throughout the state of Maryland. Subsequently, he returned to project management as a quality control inspector for private and utility rebate clients.

Jared holds numerous credentials, including as a quality control inspector and multifamily buildings analyst. He is certified through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's OSHA 30 training and by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a Lead Renovator. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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