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120 East Baltimore Street 

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Susie Kelly
Property Manager
Grander Capital Partners LLC

“MD Energy Advisors tuned our existing building systems including variable frequency drives to realize noticeable energy savings without a large capital investment. In our case, we realized a simple payback in less than four months after leveraging available utility incentives."

Energy Problem


Grander Capital Partners (GCP) is a leading real estate investment and operating company in the North East and Mid-Atlantic regions with over 3 million square feet of owned, managed, and operated commercial property. A large, historically significant building in their portfolio located in Baltimore’s center city business district suffered from chronic excessive energy consumption. Despite multiple attempts to correct this situation, consumption continued to trend above expectations despite fluctuations in tenant complement/occupancy.

Our Solution


Our team put together a plan and conducted a detailed evaluation of all building systems and their operation. This led to a much-needed change in the operation of the condenser water loop. Utilizing a local utility incentive program, we were able to offset the costs associated with implementing the necessary corrective action. This resulted in the substantial reduction of ongoing operating expenses saving the owner more than 500,000 kWh per year and approximately $60,000 in annual operating expense.

Saved the owner more than

500,000 kWh per year 

& approximately $60,000 in annual operating expense.

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