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Why MEA?

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At MD Energy Advisors we believe that using less and spending less on energy shouldn’t be a hassle or out of reach.

We believe in options, without bias, highlighting transparency.
We want to educate and help people connect the dots between their objectives and the right solution.

We are licensed in 11 states and have sourced and implemented thousands of energy procurement and efficiency solutions over the past five years.

Our book is very diverse serving all business types from the regions largest real estate owners to the hottest restaurants, to the hippest eyeglass shops, to the local print shop, pet shop and car wash. Our clients even include churches, hotels, and one of the world’s leading lacrosse manufacturers.

Serving many different types of clients has provided us with the knowledge base to customize solutions for all business types.

“Let’s face it. As a business owner you are busy and as the old adage goes, time is money! Our energy advisors possess the experience and technical expertise to help get you across the finish line. At MD Energy Advisors we are Energy Shopping Made Easy.”