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Retail Energy Efficency Product Analyst

Robert supports MD Energy Advisors’ growth and expansion of Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) energy efficiency products. He advises employees on the product benefits and best practices, and assists clients in understanding potential savings opportunities.


Robert brings a background in policy analysis with a focus on distributed energy deployment and environmental regulations to MD Energy Advisors. He began his career as field staff for several political campaigns, including Rep. Anthony Brown’s run for governor of Maryland. Robert also worked in policy at the Maryland Senate Finance Committee and for Congressman Elijah Cummings. During these years, he became an advocate for active public sector engagement at the intersection of the energy and tech sectors. He subsequently worked in publishing, including at SAGE and Reason, where he contributed technology policy analysis. 


Prior to joining MD Energy Advisors Robert was a consultant and advisor for leading solar power companies, including Tesla and Common Energy. He holds dual degrees from the University of Maryland, College Park, a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Politics and Master of Public Policy with a specialization in environmental, energy and technology policy. 

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