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Nitzarius "Nitzy"


Retail Energy Efficiency Field Outreach Specialist

Nitzy brings a wealth of administrative management experience to her role at MDEA. Her expertise is vital to the continued expansion of MDEA's work in the New York area. She works with ConEdison (ConEd) and assists the program team in the implementation and optimization of program administrative resources; manages day-to-day activity for field visits; and prepares status reports and monitors progress towards achievement of program goals.

She brings to her position ten years of experience performing general office procedures, having assisted program directors while managing staff in pre-college enrichment program in Newark, NJ and developed case management skills while working with a residential program company in the Bronx, NY. In each career opportunity, Nitzy gained an in-depth knowledge of management and supervisory principles and considerable experience in budgeting and bookkeeping, management and client based service skills. Prior to joining MDEA, she served as a New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey Field Representative for the U.S. Census Bureau.


Nitzy is bilingual and proficient in English and in Spanish. In 2016, she founded the non-profit organization,"Nitzy's Helping Hands". She is also currently pursuing a B.B.A. from Rutgers University.

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