EIT, Energy Efficiency Commercial Outreach Representative

Jeremy brings a unique combination of technical and sales expertise to MD Energy Advisors’, performing business, contractor, and project development activities for our partnership with Entergy New Orleans’ energy efficiency program, Energy Smart. He works collaboratively with the Energy Smart commercial and industrial program teams, including on marketing, outreach, operations, engineering, training, and management functions, to build and maintain relationships with major client prospects, as well as key customer accounts.

He possesses a range of experience supporting the pre-sales process and new business development, including as an applications engineer, sales engineer, quality engineer, and managing the pre-sales process and applications engineer teams for national and international companies. As a Product Line Sales Engineer at COROD, he was the technical subject matter expert for a product line supporting global sales representing $25 MMY in sales for the Pacific region and supported $600,000 yearly in new business development throughout the United States.

Jeremy is a certified Engineer in Training (EIT). He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana State University A&M.