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Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy

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Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) is an innovative financing structure that makes it possible for owners of commercial, industrial and other non-residential properties to obtain low-cost, long-term financing for energy efficiency, water conservation and renewable energy projects.


New Construction


Energy Related
Capital Projects

C-PACE can fund any item that is affixed to the property and has a positive impact on energy, water and maintenance savings. C-PACE funds can also go to associated soft costs, including architectural, engineering, permitting, general conditions and more.

Offering approximately 6.5%* on a 20-year term and amortization, C-PACE is cheaper than both mezzanine and equity financing options. In addition, some lease structures allow assessments to be passed through to tenants. As a result, C-PACE is increasingly becoming the most efficient way to finance energy-related building improvements.

Because C-PACE bridges energy, finance and real estate, having the right partner will help you get a C-PACE deal in play and move on to your project. MD Energy Advisors is uniquely positioned to help you through the hurdles of securing C-PACE financing––and we do it all at the start.

Financial Underwriting

Acting as your mortgage banker, we help provide the best combination of rates and terms for C-PACE. You supply us required documentation and let us get to work for you

Technical Review

As the commercial real estate industry’s energy problem solvers, we know how to identify energy problems and solve them. In this case, we measure and demonstrate how your C-PACE-funded improvements extend savings beyond building code base requirements.

Lender Consent

C-PACE is a new financial tool that increases property taxes and requires consent from first mortgage lenders. Not only do we secure your financing, we do so by minimizing the perception of risk by educating the mortgage lenders on your behalf.

Don’t let these hurdles impede your progress. Let MD Energy Advisors handle it all and show up with cash in hand so you can improve your building and keep 100% of the profit.

*Rate subject to change due to market conditions

Learn more about C-PACE. Check out our FAQ.

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