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Energy Efficiency and Green Products

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From LEDs to CHP we got you covered.

We engineer solutions that lower operating costs, increase property values and improve sustainability.

Areas of Focus


  • Retrofits of existing fixtures
  • Controls


  • Optimization
  • Retrofitting
  • Enhanced Controls

Onsite Power Generation

  • CHP/Co-generation
  • Renewables/Solar

Load Response

  • Peak Response
  • Demand Response

Renewable Energy Portfolio

  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
  • Carbon Offsets
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Energy Efficiency Process:

Innovative Financing Options Featuring No Money Out of Pocket!

With in-electric rate financing the costs of efficiency measures are factored into your price per kilowatt-hour.  Through this approach you will realize:

  • Cost savings through a reduction in consumption
  • An improved load profile which will positively impact future electricity prices
  • Reduced consumption and associated energy savings

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