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Bring Your Bill To Work Program

Maryland is an energy choice state, which means residents can choose where their electricity and gas come from instead of being required to use the utility’s supply of default power. But, did you know Maryland residents are still paying the fourth highest average monthly electric bill ($142) in the country?


In a first-of-its-kind employee benefit program, Bring Your Bill to Work demystifies home energy for your employees in the same way a financial advisor clarifies personal finance. Let MD Energy Advisors educate your employees on the many available programs that can help residents reduce home energy consumption by up to 20% at no cost to employers or employees.

On-Site Energy
Education Workshops

On-site workshops give employees access to our energy ambassadors who explain how to spend less and use less energy, how to read an electric/utility bill, the benefits of an energy audit and other energy-saving options.

Simplified Program

Employees share an image of their utility bill along with their zip code, and we upload their information directly into our proprietary online portal, PointClickSwitch. Each employee receives a personalized energy savings plan.

Savings Plans

For those employees who only want to compare rates, PointClickSwitch makes it easy. Your company will receive a link to a customized dashboard so employees can review and track performance.

Energy Advising

Don’t worry if employees miss a workshop. We can schedule a 15-minute consultation or they can give us a call at a more convenient time. We’ll work directly with the employee to review their energy consumption and identify ways to save.

Don’t wait to pass along this free program to your employees. Take advantage of this custom offering and add Bring Your Bill to Work to your current benefit program today.

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