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Creative Brief

The creative brief is a tool used to facilitate  a conversation about the problem you are trying to solve, who we are trying to solve it for, & the best way to solve it.

"Design is the intermediary between information and understanding."

- Hans Hoffman, artist & teacher

How to Begin 

Please find below a resource which outlines the purpose and use of creative briefs. it also outlins in greater detail what is needed to begin a project. 

Design Process

1. Fill out Creative Brief to the best of your ability and submit to schedule a kick off meeting.

2. Schedule a Kick-off meeting with all subject matter experts, partners and approvers if possible. If you are unable to schedule with the approvers then please4 share the brief with them to confirm the purpose, audience and deadlines. 

3. Gather any and all final approved content and or examples before the kick off meeting.

4. Kick Off meeting, with brainstorming questions and ideation on how best to solve the problem.


5. Design of First draft. 


6. Editing of First draft


7. Approval of design. 


8. Distribution of final design . 

Start With Why

Understanding your "why" or what problem you are trying to solve is integral to having a successful design. Design is a visual solution to a real world problem. You should be able to articulate your why or purpose for the project within the creative brief. 

Message it simply

Once you understand why you are in need of a designed product the next step is to undersatnd your audience(s). 

1. What do what them to do?

  • Call to Action?

2. What is in it for them ? 

  • Return on investment?

  • Convenience?

  • Comprehensive services?

2. What experience do you want them to have?

  • Simple

  • Easy 

  • Comprehensive 

Build, Gather and Refine Content

There are some key elements needed before a project cane begin design, mainly contnent. Event the simplest edit requires approved content. here are some of the questions you should know at a minimum before design shoudl begin. 

  1. When is your final deadline

  2. What is the final approved content?

  3. How/what is the final format needed for the project/design?

  4. Where will the final product live/how will it be distributed?

  5. Who needs to provide final approval?

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