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Energy Management

Managing your energy has never been easier with WiFi enabled thermostats that cannot only be programmed to use less energy, but also see how your usage compares to your neighbors. For residents in utilities that offer energy reduction incentives, you may even qualify for a free WiFi enabled thermostat from your utility in addition to other incentives for automated usage reductions.

Rate Reduction

While reducing your usage is critical to reducing your bill, many people don’t take advantage of the ability to reduce their electricity and gas rate as well. Energy providers offer competitive rates to those being offered by your utility in the form of fixed contracts that last for several months. Our analysis will choose the best plan for your home and monitor that plan so your rate doesn’t spike when your contract ends.

Energy Efficency

Solar, HVAC, heat pumps and more. The number of options, programs and offerings leaves most customers with their heads swirling. We sift through the noise to find what you need. HVAC broken? We’ll point you to a good contractor. Need a new dishwasher? We’ll identify the rebates you can get. Interested in solar? We’ll teach you what you need to know. If it’s about your energy, we’ve got the expertise to get you through it.